Using Multiuser on Load Balanced Terminal Servers

Ben Louisson
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Hi All,

We currently user Reckon Accounts Enterprise 2014 on a Terminal Server environment.

We have just moved to a load balanced Terminal Server environment, which means users could be accessing a file from Terminal Server 1 or Terminal Server 2.

Is there anyway to get multiuser to work over a load balanced environment?

As currently it comes up with an error saying it is unable to communicate with the file when someone on the other Terminal Server is accessing it.


  • Adrian_6974554
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    In a load balanced terminal server environment it is normally only the applications that are loaded onto the terminal server.

    The data is stored on a separate server.

    It then doesn't matter which server the end user is using they still access the same data file on the separate server.

    The separate server will need Reckon loaded as a server only version to be able to host the file to share out to the terminal servers.
  • Ben Louisson
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    Thanks Adrian,

    We can access the Data no matter which server we are on.

    The issues is that MultiUser doesn't seem to work and I wondering if there are any workaround/fixes out there.