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I have been trying to back up our company file to log into the new R4 icon for the last 4 hours!
The backup gets to 50% and then the window says Not Responding. It has been like that for almost 2 hours.
I have called technical support multiple times and all they can tell me is that I have to wait.
This is ridiculous.
We have a large company file but it should not take this long and somebody should be able to help.
We have lost an entire day of productivity because of this with no sign of when it will be fixed.


  • Charley
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    Where are you trying to back it up to? If it is your own hard drive then it will take ages and may only get halfway and then you need to do it again.

    However if you backup to the backup drive or 'B' drive  then it will not have a problem and then you can use the 'download' button to get it to your computer

  • Mirko
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    Have you tried a Portable back up? If the file is large, it can take longer to back up due to the amount of data needing to be processed and then back up. This is where the portable file helps as it allows for a smaller file to be created. As Kevin mentioned, using the upload and download buttons will also allow you to take the file down to your local machine which will make a copy.
  • Carly
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    I have tried backing up to the B drive and a portable drive. Neither work. Both fail at 50%
  • Sally McIntosh, Accredited Consultant
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    Hi Carly,

    Not responding does just mean "I'm thinking leave me alone". You just have to wait for it to finish. If it closes/shuts down or comes up with an error message then you know it fails, otherwise it is a waiting game.

    Without sounding unsympathetic you have had months to do this and I suggested to my clients with large files that we do it on the weekend or out of hours.

    Without contacting Tech support to see if they will perhaps try for you, you just have to wait.

    Kind regards,

    Sally McIntosh ([email protected])

  • Carly
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    Thank you Kevin. That is exactly right. We have had multiple issues with backing up over the last few months and thought that the issue was resolved.
    And when you call technical support and nobody seems to be willing to help, it just creates more and more frustration.
    I managed to get on to a helpful person at technical support after the 3rd phone call and he did the back up for me and stated that our wait time was not normal and that it should not have taken that long. It took him almost 30 minutes to do it himself. 
    This whole "waiting" business does not help after "waiting" for 4 hours.