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A Balancing Act
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Hi, hope somebody can help, I haven't been able to find the answer to this on either the community pages or the knowledge browser.

I've imported all February data from Westpac, matched the transactions, and reconciled to 23 February (my most recent bank statement).  

The issues are two:
1. When I do a new import (1st to 10th March), all screens are as normal but it only imports 2 lines of data (when there should be about 30 lines of data).
2. All the February entries are still showing as unmatched even though I've matched all, and reconciled some (as above).


  • John G
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    Hi Sara,

    Sorry to hear of your difficulties with BankData and thanks for letting us know of this issue.  

    I would appreciate you sending some screen shots of the BankData process. The:
    • Import Bank Data screen
    • Transaction Summary screen
    • any error messages
    I would also like a copy of your bank statement to match the number of daily entries against our records - you can block out confidential information as I only need to determine the number of transactions per day.

    And of course your Reckon Customer ID.

    Please send it to [email protected] and I will be able to investigate further.