Reckon Accounts to create HTML based invoices and reports instead of PDF documents when sending via

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Can you have Reckon Accounts generate plain HTML invoices.

So instead of ending up with PDF invoice documents that get attached to emails, which fall over whenever a breeze blows, it instead generates that same information as a HTML based layout within the email itself, that is one less point of failure.



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    HTML invoices themselves are not great, the reliance on a client application displaying the invoice correctly is why this would not be a good idea. Still to this day you cannot get a web browsers to display html the same as the next browser, without tweaks to styling to fix issues.

    Some email server setups can alter email content while scanning for spam and phishing exploits, so there is no way you could rely on your customers getting your invoices in the correct format.

    Basic PDF framework is the best solution for invoices, widely used accross just about all platforms, will be display correctly if it is correctly written, won't be altered by servers.
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    Hi Inigo, Just an update in regards to your post from the Reckon One application perspective. The Reckon One team will be adding functionality to generate reports from Reckon One in multiple formats, including HTML format. This should be available in one of the upcoming releases of Reckon One (dates yet to be confirmed). I'm not sure that invoices in Reckon One will have this functionality however I will submit your feedback to the Reckon One team in regards to invoices. Regards, Scott.
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    Practical analysis . Just to add my thoughts , if you is wanting to merge PDF or PNG files , my business partner encountered a tool here <a href=""; ></a>.