Reckon Accounts Hosted 2015 R1

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In preparation for the launch of RAH 2015 r1 today, (before upgrading), we recommend that you read the Accounts Hosted 2015 Release 1 Upgrade Guide and run through this video.

Accounts Hosted 2014 Release 4 will remain available until late-May 2015 to allow you to upgrade at a time that suits your business.

Whats new in 2015?

Set up rules for your bank transactions and have it automatically sorted into the right category in your software and easily reconcile your financial data.

You can now customise your supplier remittance advices. Choose to modify the template and add custom fields, change the sender details, insert your logo and personalise messages to suit the needs of your business.


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    Accounts Hosted 2015 r1 - Is now Live!
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    I agree, Emailing of Payslips & Remittance advice still only works onconsistantly causing great distress to our business. Many suppliers complain of not receiving remittance advice and I consistantly have my staff complain to me of not receiving pay Advices.

    These have been ongoing issues for many months now with no resolution in sight!

    Reckon, please put resources in to resolution.
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