how do i match payables with payments that werent entered through the pay bills tab

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hi new to reckon hosted - we accidentally loaded up an old file and lost 6 months of data.  we have done a bank rec for 6 months and entered payments made and then just entered a trade creditors jnl to record the invoices in suppliers.  however this has resulted in some suppliers having a payment recorded and an invoice awaiting payment in the same account yet when i run an accounts payable report theys still show as payable - how can i match them off


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    If you want them to be recorded as payments in Accounts payable and the supplier, you would need to have entered the cheques as Pay Bills option and select the bill. If you entered the cheques to the Accounts payable account, all you need to do is do a journal to the expenses account for the bills and the other side would be the accounts payable account. This would clear the accounts payable account out but you would not have an individual record of the invoices in the suppliers. Hope this makes sense. Cheers, Kathy
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    Hi RV

    If you have a bill in the system, and a cheque in the system, you will need to amend the cheque as follows:

    Account = Accounts Payable
    Taxcode = MUST BE BLANK
    Customer:Job = Supplier Name (must be a SUPPLIER)

    This will appear as a credit in the Pay Bills window that can be applied against the unpaid bill.

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