Debtor receipts and no matching invoice. Invoices were created in previous ledger.

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My client has posted debtor receipts for payments against invoices in a previous data file. Creating an invoice to match these payments will create both an income item as well as a GST transaction.  I attempted to use an 'Adjustment Note' to clear the payments but it creates a GST item which is what I want to avoid with no option to do this. Can someone give me a hint as to how I can clear these payments.


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    Create an item "Opening Balance", no GST coding, linked to Opening Bal Equity Account (or a Balance Sheet Suspense Account.  You can use this item to create invoices to match open invoices in the old file.

    If there are lots of open invoices , I can extract them from old file and create a file to import into the new file.  I do this on a fee-for-service basis.  Give me a call if you are interested.

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