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I have a large customer which has many stores. Stores order good but accounts paid by head office. They have just advised that will only pay 60day of invoice date.

How can I get a warning for by store that there is an over due invoice when processing sales order or an invoice. As I which to hold shipment until account for that store is in line with there trading terms.


  • Kevin Silberberg
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    Allan, you can generate a report of Accounts Receivable.  The selections within Reckon are Reports:Customers & Receivables:A/R Ageing Summary.  Amounts owed will be displayed in columns (Current, 1-30, 31-60, 61-90, >90 and Total).
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    Thank you kevin, but the staff don't have time to look at reports when doing orders or invoices. I know that the system will bring up an warning if an account on stop credit or over credit limit but that's the only warning
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    Hi Allan,

    Yes this is a feature that many have requested in the past. Not a warning on credit limit but a warning when there is outstanding invoices.

    Maybe Mirko can get it bumped up the feature request list????

    Kind regards,

    Sally McIntosh (

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    It does not look like there is a built-in function for what you need.

    If the staff are too busy to check reports, then you may want to get a custom solution created that makes use of the Reckon Accounts SDK (software development kit)

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    Yes, Inigo, you are right, thses kinds of features are available in bigger systems,talking big dollars, and will not find in SME softwares like RA, MYOB, and others.
    this is again the issue of workarounds vs automation, that i have been facing since more than 17 years now. Creating automated Stock Alerts, and giving warning on outstanding receivables, that we have already talked about we can assist any business wanting these features.

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    Thanks Guys for your help. But when multi nationals can't pay small business in a respectable time and we are forced to get additional bank finance to cover there debts, its worth wondering if we should do business with them.

    The SME software sounds like a great idea but I don't think we would be able to get value for money in this current conditions, so will just have to find another way around my problem.

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    Hi Allen - totally agree with your comments regarding the way multi nationals make life tough for small businesses with their total disregard for your trading terms and just set their own!  I have clients who suffer from this and it is very frustrating and shows a complete disregard for your business needs.  It is indeed a pity that your pricing structure probably cant reflect the time you have to wait to be paid!...

    My best suggestion for a workaround is this...make sure you have the Open Window list showing from the View menu.  Then if your screen is big enough - Choose to show Multiple Windows (also from the View menu) and set it to Tile Vertifically (from the Window menu)

    Then bring up the Customer Centre - and filter this by Overdue Invoices and go to the multi national store customer... - then your staff can press Ctrl+I or Select Invoice from the New Transaction drop down - you can then process your invoice whilst being able to see the overdue invoices for this client.  Certainly not ideal but allows you to see the information you need?

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    Good call Sally! - I'll raise this thread with our Development team for consideration. :)
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    I don't have a filter for overdue invoices, only for open balances in Reckon Hosted.  Is it possible to set up?