Mobile Time sheet add on for RA

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Mobile Time Sheet  Add
on for Reckon Desktop is coming !!!

Cosmic Innovations  is now testing beta version of web responsive mobile time sheet  that integrates with Reckon Desktop Premier and Enterprise .

It is easy as getting your mobile device out android or iphone , I pad and start entering your  hours, your categories or items, jobs , class and payroll items all comes as drop down .

The one most important feature is Notes or descriptions, you are able to add new notes, save and modify and recall that same notes.


All  the information entered is posted to the clients server or pc , where the admin staff , is able to   go through each time sheet , review and adjust and then post it to Accounting system.

Soon, we Cosmic Innovation , will bring bills on the run, you will be able to enter all your suppliers bill from you mobile device. Once again, you will have drop down to pick up items or expense and categories or class.

We will be providing free use of time sheet for mobile device for up to 60 days

We are looking for beta testing businesses

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