When are Editable Templates coming to Reckon One?

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When are Editable Templates coming to Reckon One? Now we have the new HTML 5 interface I'm hoping it's not far away so I can position everything / design everything like I used to do in QuickBooks.  I've been patiently waiting for this.  Currently I have to generate an invoice and then edit in a PDF editor to get the addition text I simply want to add to all my invoices (and no I don't want to copy and paste all the time into notes or some silly suggestion like that).  Thanks, Gary


  • Tex Mackay
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    Yes GaryP..... Super important.. I work in the Film industry... and presentation and personalisation is VERY important....   
    I hope they do this Yesterday...

  • PhilDavis
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    Couldn't agree more Gary - I think the Reckon One developers have been so caught up in making the product modular and responsive that they've forgotten to build in some pretty basic features. I paid for Reckon One today and I find I can't:
    • Customise invoices
    • Display banking details on invoices
    • Link to my bank (after paying for the banking module)
    • Add a decent sized logo to invoices
    I'm almost scared to go back in and use the product again in case I find something worse.

  • Ren√®e
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    Hi Everyone,

    We want to know what you want / need feature wise in Reckon One but you need to let us know. Submit the request or me too it through the ideas / suggestions area for Reckon One. 

  • Fiona O'Leary
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    I'm sorry, but I've been reading posts about this dating back 12 months - and lots of them - but in order to 'know about it' you need us to create new posts? Sounds a lot like dodging the question to me. I'm embarrassed for you guys.
  • Andrew Hellier_6247585
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    Hi All,

    Customisable invoices templates are currently in development and being treated as a priority.

    The improved functionality will be available to users as soon as possible.

    We thank you for providing your ongoing feedback and will post an update when possible.