What are the differences in the Industry-Specific editions in Premier 2015?

Graham Taylor Automotives
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I was provided with this link after a lot of fuss from Reckon:


I am updating to Reckon Premier 2015 and trying to work out which edition would be best for my business. I am wondering if the 'General Edition' would encompass pretty well everything we needed or if I should select one of the others. 

We are a mechanical workshop so we have a retail section, parts so we need to run inventory, create assemblies, track and report on both of these. We have jobs, projects and often use estimate and progress invoicing. Eventually we would like to be able to move into employee reporting on the types of jobs/projects as well. We also handle a lot of our own accounting so we need specific reporting and more than your basic profit & loss. 

From the overview Retail, Professional and Manufacturing all have their place for our business needs  but it would not be a complete and rounded system to just pick one of those.

The overview in the link is ok but its doesn't advise on the 'General Edition'

Does anyone have any thoughts on this?

Thank you.


  • Janos
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    It appears to me that you know what you want and none of the "industry specific" versions would give you all.

    Over more than two decades of setting up QuickBooks - now Reckon Accounts I found that starting with the General Edition worked best. If you follow the setup wizard it will ask you all the questions and lets you enable the appropriate options available.

    What the industry specific versions give you are the typical charts of accounts for the industry - a great help when you start. It also ticks the options boxes for the typical procedures and forms.

    If you have some time, set up a dummy company for each of the industry specific editions you would consider applying to your situation and look at the result. Pick the one that is closest to your need and start tweaking it. The variations are almost inexhaustible. It is time consuming but you do learn a lot from it.

    However, your best option is to get one of the Reckon Partners to set it up for you. They are the real experts in this and are the most experienced. I dare say, better than Reckon Support who know how it works but not as familiar with how to put it to real use.

    Good luck,.


  • Graham Taylor Automotives
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    Thank you for the reply Janos.

    I know very little about Reckon or Quickbooks and in the interests of not sitting here all day I did select General. It looks exactly the same as 2014 I can't see anything new and the reports definitely are not good enough for what I need. I am only upgrading so I don't get the whole set up wizard help that I see coming up everywhere for this type of query.

    I have tried support and they seem to have difficulty grasping what I was asking, I find support nearly useless. Any way its done now. I see no superannuation options or anything but i'm sure I will figure this out in time. I consider this query unresolved.

    Thank you again for replying.  
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    Hi Graham, hope you have got it all sorted out, what suburb are u in, you are in service industry business, obviously, your first step is to seek help from your accountant/tax agent, we are Tax Agents, and have been involved for RA and in service industry for many years. If you still struggling, let me know, i can spend few hours to fix it, no charge, via team viewer.

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    Hi Graham,

    What version are you upgrading from, and what reports do you need, that you cant find?

    I am also not following the reasons for your upgrade and wizards, if you don't need to upgrade then don't, what isn't broken don't fix it???

    Super is there, are you referring to reports or setup in payroll??

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