Entering selling invoice and receiving payment from the same screen issue

Stephen Balson
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When I enter an invoice and click on receiving payment and enter the payment and save, the screen does not revert back and I have to click on cancel on the receive payment part and then cancel on the invoice.
I have done the same thing with a buying invoice and after you click save, the scorn goes back to the invoice screen (the make payment section at the bottom is removed) and you have a close button at the top right.

This happens using safari on a mac. I have noticed that this is not an issue using firefox for the same thing.


  • Kwikbooks (Professional Partner)
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    If this is a safari issue then keep using firefox, and report to tech support
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    Hi guys,

    This issue doesn't seem to be browser specific. The issue seems to occur when you follow a specific set of steps.

    Steps to reproduce...

    1. Create a new invoice

    2. Complete all the invoice requirements (i.e. choose a contact & line items/accounts)

    3. Don't click the "Save" button at this point but instead click the "Receive payment" button

    4. When the "Confirm" prompt appears, click the "Save & continue" button

    5. The "Receive payment" section shows at the bottom of the invoice

    6. Select the "View full details" button to see the full receipt form

    7. Complete the receipt & click "Save"

    8. Notice the receipt form closes & you return back to the invoice, however the invoice state (i.e. status & balance) hasn't refreshed showing that the invoice is paid (Note: If you exit the invoice it is actually paid... just a refresh issue).


    Work around #1: 

    Save the invoice first (i.e. during step 3) before clicking the "Receive payment" button.

    Work around #2: 

    After clicking the "Receive payment" button, use the fields available in the green section of the invoice instead of clicking the "View full details" button.

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    after making payments to the invoice and you come back to the invoice screen, can you do save & next? does this work?

    also are you using the new html version, and does this work in the old version
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    Hi Kim,
    After making the payment you are automatically returned back to the invoice form, however it just hasn't refreshed correctly... reflecting the payment just made. Once you refresh the invoice it's fine. Refer to my post above if you'd like to replicate & see it for yourself.
    This issue only seems to occur in the HTML 5 Reckon One application. The Silverlight Reckon One application doesn't have this issue.
    Users who signed up on or after the 30/05/15 have access to the HTML 5 application. Users who signed up before the 30/05/15 have access to both the Silverlight application (old) & the HTML 5 application (new). The Silverlight application is still available to existing users until the time that the HTML 5 application has feature parity with the Silverlight application (i.e. the time & expense module is released). Eventually the HTML 5 application will replace the Silverlight application.
    I signed up before the 30/05/15 & have access to both Silverlight & HTML 5 versions.
    I have reported this issue to the Reckon team :)
  • Scott_6428906
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    Hi guys,

    This issue should now be resolved.