how do I create a new allocation for a transaction?

michi goldberg
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Im using Reckon 1, its the new version.

I'm trying to set up rules that allocate common transactions to a specific location (ie. legal fees, Cost of goods sold etc.).

I cant seem to find an expense option called "Administration Expense".  Is it possible to add Admin Expense as an option (in the "Account" drop down)?


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    Hi Michi,

    In the current version of Reckon One, the ability to add new contacts & new accounts on the fly via the "Add rule" form is not yet available. I've also asked the Reckon team this same question & this functionality will be returning in an upcoming release.

    In the previous version of Reckon One (i.e. the Silverlight version) this functionality is available (refer to my screen shot below).


    So for now, in the current version of Reckon One, you need to first add the applicable contact(s) & account(s) before creating the matching rule.

    To add new contacts: Contacts menu > Add

    To add new accounts: Administration menu (i.e. the cog icon in the top right of the screen) > Chart of accounts > Add