Graph and Report customisations not saving - Reckon Personal Plus 2015

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I'm using Reckon Personal Plus 2015 and have imported my data from previous verisons.

On the Home Screen, I have the graph "Income vs Expenses" by month.
It is showing wildly incorrect figures and I can see that is because the graph is including all transfers between my accounts.
When I customise the graph there is no option to exclude all transfers.
When I customise the report, I can exclude all transfers under the Advanced tab, and get correct figures. I save the customised report (with the same name, replacing the exisitng report).

When I then return to the home screen, the incorrect graph (without my customisations) still shows.  When I click the report, I get the original report without my saved customisations.

How can I either:
- set the default to be "exlude all tranfers" across all my reports
- or replace the graph and report on my home screen with my customised ones.

The "default" graph and report are useless, they do not correctly show Income and Expenses because of the transfers between my accounts being forcibly included.

Regardless of whether I am looking at historical data or data entered into the 2015 version, the same thing happens.  It's not my data that's the issue, it's the report not saving my changes, and having a default transaction selection which isn't useful.


  • Fred
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    Have you tried - Show Full Graph>customise>Advanced>Transfers-Exclude All>OK and Save?
  • sue
    sue Member Posts: 2
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    HI Fred.  Thanks for your suggestion. Yes, and that fixes the graph but not the report.