Customer data base that integrates with Reckon online

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G'day Guys, hope you can help us.

We need a customer data base that can integrate with Reckon accounting for invoice and record keeping, emails, past communications and reminders, virtually everything a quality customer data base should offer.
We have Googled a couple that don't seem to be compatible with Reckon Australia.
We think that there must be companies out there than could be doing similar and hope you could offer advice on who to approach.
We need the capacity of 50k + customers to grow to 100k + in the near future

Any assistance would be grateful received



  • Jack Preacher
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    G'day Jo,

    There are two online products by Reckon.

    Reckon One
    Reckon Hosted

    We're all waiting for the software development API which they say is 'coming soon'.

    Until that API arrives, there are no products that can integrate with either of the Reckon products.



  • Kerry_Johnson
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    Hi Ian, if you are using Reckon Accounts desktop edition then I would suggest Tall Emu CRM. This integrates to Reckon and being based upon MSSQL database is scaleable to the size you have indicated. Would need to consider what you wanted to integrate to Reckon. We are Tall Emu CRM Solutions Partners + Reckon Accredited Partners and can help with your requirements. Let me know if you need any further information. Regards, Kerry

  • Kerry_Johnson
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    BTW, integration will be available to Reckon Accounts Hosted in the future once the API is finalised.