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Nayshil Singh
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Where is the utility that allows me to schedule my company backup?  I can do a local backup  on demand but backups should never be left up to the user, they should be automated.  We use Reckon Accounts Hosted.  Also, can the backup, onced created, be automatically downloaded to a local drive so it can be included in our corporate backup?


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    Hi Nayshil,

    Welcome to the Reckon Community.

    The Scheduled backup feature was not carried over to Hosted.  

    It is up to the user to make a backup that is saved to the User's B drive, and to take a copy to their local PC using the download icon for storage.

    Our developers are looking at ways to make the transfer of the backup to the local PC a little easier.  


  • peterpeou
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    Hi, Has there been any movement in being able to schedule automate company backups to occur without user interaction?

    Regards, Peter