Superannuation details disappearing from employee information

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Hi :)

We are currently using Reckon Accounts Premier Edition 2015.

Every time we employ someone new, we key in all of their details into the system, including super details. Each month when I run a super report, any new employees super details do not come up.

When I go back into their information to check, they have somehow been deleted.

This has been happening for probably the last 12 months, and we have been unable to work out why it's happening.

Has anyone else come across this?


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    Hello Syl,

    Thank you for asking Reckon community.

    The issue you have mentioned, where the super details is automatically missing from the employee’s record is new to me.

    You have mentioned that it is disappeared from the super filed, after you do the pay, however it is not clear that:

    1. Does it actually calculate the super in the first place, when you process the pay for the employee?

    2. You mentioned,”‘When I go back into their information to check, they have somehow been deleted”, did you then tried reentering the details? And does it hold the information than?

    Have you tried doing the rebuild of the file and see if that fixes the issue, if it was any data related issue? Please see the instructions for that here.

    Please reply to the above, queries and if possible please attach some screenshots  as to where you have entered the super detials, and the report that shows it is missing.

    Please update me with further information, for further troubleshooting.



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    Hi Shisir,
    The super does calculate (and correctly) and the details for all other previous employees are still on the file but for the new employees that were put on the system during the month, their details do not show up. They have definitely been entered at the time of entering new employee. So when we go to do super at the beginning of next month if there was any new employees entered during the previous month their super details will be missing on the system. If we then go and re enter it in it does stay, so it seems its to do with entering new employees in in the first place. (entering in new employee through the Hire an Employee tool)
    Thank you.
    Amy & Syl
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    Ps. Thank you for your reply. :)
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    G'day Syl,

    How about entering a new employee without using that 'Hire an Employee' screen?

    So say enter two test employees, one using the 'Hire an Employee' tool and another using just the add/edit employee screens.

    Can you then confirm if they both lose their super information or not? 

    Maybe you found one of those 'bugs'.


  • ShisirShisir Reckon Staff Posts: 257
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    Hi Amy and Syl,

    Thank you for the update, and thank you for bringing this issue to us. I can now replicate the issue on my end. I will forward this further for more investigation too.

    I have just tried hiring the new employee using the wizard, but nowhere have I got the option to enter the super details. I have then gone back and entered the super details in the employee record using edit employee.

    When I was entering the super details, I have noticed that it has somehow created the super item called “Select Super Contributions”. I have further tried to create new super item with ‘Super gurantee Act (SA) Type”. I was entering the details for it. But noticed that the details were somehow being entered onto the second item; Select Super Contributions


    This is why we are getting the issue. As this ‘Select Super Contributions’ is just the message asking to select the super contributions, and when we enter the data, such as member no. etc, it gets entered into that line.  I noticed this as I got the error message while saving it. Error says as below.



    I have suggested the below 2 workarounds for you to resolve the issue.

     Workaround 1:

    Please select the super item when entering the super details. As by default it will enter the details in the 2nd line for the ‘select super contribution” make sure you select your super line from the top and enter the details in it.  If you do so, you will not get the error while saving it, and hence it will remember the details for the next time.


    Workaround 2:

    Another workaround is not to use the Hire employee wizard. I have noticed this only happens when employee is created using hire employee wizard. You can create the new employee without using this wizard too.

    I believe that wizard does not let you enter much information anyway, and you can fill those details manually in the employee record too. When you are creating the new employee select option No to the message “Would you like assistance adding this employee to the reckon Accounts?”


    Hope this helps, Please let me know your thoughts.



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