I added a few new stock items. It does not appear in my stock status report. How do I adjust the new

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  • Shisir
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    Hi Shamima

    Thank you for contacting Reckon community.

    It is not very clear with your query that you are having issue on seeing the new items in the ‘inventory status by item’ report or that you are not able to do adjustment for that.

    If it is the first case, can you please confirm that you have added the item as an ‘inventory type’ or something else like service, noninventory type. As that report will only list the inventory items.

    If you are having issue as in second case, can you please advise what adjustment you are trying to do. Is it ‘Adjust Quantity/Value on Hand’ adjustment that you want to do? If so you can do so by going to suppliers menu ->  inventory activities -> Adjust Quantity/Value on Hand.

    Please let me know so that I can investigate it further.