IPad with bluetooth keyboard not connecting

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I have just bought a new iPad keyboard but can't get it work with Reckon Hosted. I was hoping to use the iPad with Reckon while travelling instead of taking  a computer OS. Keyboard works well with emailing etc so the problem is not with bluetooth connection but with Reckon.

The onscreen keyboard is cumbersome. Hides half the screen so I can't see what I am typing , etc.
Has anyone managed to get a bluetooth keyboard with an iPad to work with Accounts Hosted?

Cant see any posts since 12 months ago.
Thank you. 


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    Hi Karen,

    thanks for reaching out to the Community.

    Are you still unable to use your bluetooth keyboard with Reckon Accounts Hosted?

    If not, try this....
    Log into your company file with your onscreen keyboard.
    Open the new floating toolbar icon in the top right and click on the keyboard icon
    Now enter your information
    You may need to use the tab key icon in the floating toolbar as well (its under the left arrow) to move to the next field.

    Hope this helps.


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    Hi John, thank you for your reply.
    I can get it to connect but find it very temperamental. I keep having to hit the screen keypad to reactivate it. Tab sometimes works. 
    Not worth my trouble.
    Back to the laptop :)

    Thanks again.


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    This has been an ongoing issue since they stopped using Citrix with Hosted.  It is impossible to use Accounts Hosted with an IPad and there doesn't seem to be any interest in fixing it....

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    A note about mobile devices and Reckon Accounts Hosted.

    The mobile device experience of Reckon Accounts Hosted does not match the experience you get on a standard PC or laptop.  The key factors involved here are the physical size of mobile devices and that Reckon Accounts Hosted is a streaming service not a web application.  

    Mobile devices are smaller than the minimum screen size for convenient viewing and working with the Reckon Accounts layout.  Furthermore, the pop-up on-screen keyboard reduces the viewing area.  Also, the on-screen keyboard does not have a tab key, so its function needs to be replaced.

    Mobile devices are geared towards interaction with web applications and not streaming services like Hosted.  This difference has necessitated a toolbar functionality like keyboard and tab icons, that create a connection into the Streaming service.  

    To activate the onscreen keyboard click on the keyboard icon on the floating toolbar.  After tapping on the first field to start your data entry you may find it more convenient to tap on the tab icon to move to the next field.  The floating toolbar can be moved to any convenient area of your screen.  

    You may be able to improve your experience by attaching a bluetooth external keyboard.  If that keyboard has a tab button, even better, however the tab function may not work as intended, depending on the brand of your keyboard and your device. You'll need to click on the keyboard icon on the floating toolbar first to activate it for the streaming service, enter information into the first field, and then use the tab key or tab icon to move to the next field.  

    If the bluetooth connection suffers a brief interruption in its connection to the device, then you'll need to tap on the keyboard icon again, then your field, before continuing with your input. 

    Finally, phone devices will not match the experience of tablets, and some brands cannot establish a connection to your company file.   A wide variety of firmware, and that firmware's interraction with various hardware devices, reduces the useability of mobile phones for Reckon Accounts Hosted. 

    You do not experience these issues when using Reckon One as this programme is a full scale web application.  

    Hope this clarifies the situation with mobile devices.


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