how do i quit/stop subscribing to reckon one?

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i've found another providers essentials package that is competitive with reckon one, given the slow development time and ongoing issues with reckon one, i'm ready to cut my losses here and move to a product that works, is customisable and most importantly, allows me to export/download my data safely out of someone else's cloud and into my own system.

I've just spent the last few hours PDF exporting invoices and statements, so I'm ready to rock.

I cannot find where to bring my relationship with Reckon to an end.  Can someone point me in the right direction?


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    There is a 'settings' feature for each BOOK that you click on,  and therein is the ability to UNTICK the modules you've selected.  Reckon will continue to store your data on your behalf whilst also reducing he monthly spend.

    You've indicated that you prefer your 'own' system.  which begs the question why you selected a product that is cloud based.  Perhaps your selection could have been Reckon Accounts Hosted in that respect.

    Be interested in your reasons for the choices made please.


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    Hi Frank,

    I am sorry to hear you decided to stop using Reckon One and I appreciate you taking the time to provide this feedback.

    To delete or deactivate your book please follow the steps below.

    1. From the book selection page click "more" on the book in question.
    2. Select "settings"
    3. Choose the delete or deactive book and click to confirm.

    As Gary said in his post it's an idea to just deactivate your book as your data will remain for 7 years in read only mode.

    If you would like me to organise someone to call you to discuss please send contact details to [email protected]

    Andrew Hellier
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    "my own" system means that I am able to export/download the file and do with it what i please.  

    Reckon accounts hosted has this feature, but is clunky, requires (demands) internet explorer and is far from what the reckon one advertising blurb describes as "fresh and clean" - while reckon one is clean and easy to use it is still having teething troubles and given that this is my first financial year into reckon one i find it easier and simpler to jettison my attempts to use this software rather than persevere with it.
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    thankyou Andrew, all deactivated and 'read only' now - no need to have anyone call me, it will achieve nothing. 
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    Thank you for the reply Frank. If you do have a spare moment I would love to have the opportunity for a quick chat to further discuss your feedback if possible email me directly [email protected] Regards Andrew Hellier
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