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I'm looking at doing an import of items into Reckon Accounts Plus 2015, as I am in the process of setting up a company account for a client.  Couple of things I have come across that I don't know why or how to rectify.

For Inventory Parts - I need the Unit of Measure (U/M) and Unit of Measure Set (U/M Set) as well as the Barcode to import, but the Map fields don't give this option in the import.  Any ideas?



  • Sally McIntosh, Accredited Consultant
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    Hi Ven,
    Are you using the Excel import method or the IIF file method?
    With U/M you will probably have issues importing that and may need to look at that manually from memory. 
    The IIF method will give you far more flexibility of field options.
    Kind regards,
    Sally McIntosh (