Hosted Mobile Time Sheet Add On

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Cosmic Time Sheet Add On for hosted Reckon Accounts - now all possible
With desktop to Mobile done, we are now racing to get the hosted completed.
Once again you will get:
1. Individual employees entering their hours from job site.
2. Enter multiple jobs in any one day
3. Linked to items, jobs, payroll items, and class 
4. Add NOTES and save notes and RECALL saved Notes. 
5. Login by Site Supervisor for linked multiple employees for the contract jobs
 6. Create  templates for jobs for multiple employees say , 120 any number.
7.  All linked employees is displayed on mobile screen and process hours as bulk or enter against each employees.
 Automatic calc of Over time and double time.
8. Controlled by Admin panel by the office Admin, no accessibility to employees
9. Hours sent to RA time sheet and Payroll , ready to pay.

Send us your inquiry on :
mob:0407068942, office :02 95411338
We will give free use to all APS and PP for 1 user, for you to show to your clients.

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