Stop Credit flag for customers in Reckon

Peter Tisdall
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How do i lock a customer profile/account so no further invoice can take place.  i.e.  "Stop Credit".
Is there a flag i can trigger in Reckon so this is visible and enforceable. ?


  • John Graetz
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    Hi Peter.  As you have probably found, whilst you can nominate a credit limit, which will produce a warning if the limit is going to be exceeded, there does not seem to be anything to stop that being overridden.  I can give you a couple of other suggestions:
    1.  Make the customer inactive.  Then nobody can readily find the customer
    2.  Change the address to something like *****NO FURTHER CREDIT****.  Put that on a couple lines of the address field and then that ought to make your wishes stand out.

    John L G
  • Peter Tisdall
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    Shame or is again a matter of butchering the system to pretend we have an STOP Credit flag. Shame. Reckon team are you listening ?
  • John Graetz
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    Hi Peter.  For once I might be defending Reckon.  The option for a Credit Limit is only to provide a warning as per help.  It does not purport to place a STOP on future orders.  Obviously that is something that you want, and perhaps others/many others as well. Perhaps, as you hope, Reckon might see this post and consider it for a future update.  Ideally this is something that you should specifically put in a formal request to them.  Unfortunately my experience over MANY years, in putting forward requests and suggestions is a very negative one as NOT ONCE have I ever received a response from them.  I just don't know if they ever reach their destination or people at the other end has so little people skills that they determine never to respond to anybody.  One of these days, perhaps the culture will change.

    In this particular instance of yours, many people putting forward the same request could bring about a change.  We can only live in hope.  John L G
  • John Graetz
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    I very clearly see your point Andrew and share your frustration.  Your link is a classic example of what you are saying.  Before this community forum existed, the only option was to write or email direct.  For all of the things that I have submitted that way over years, the response has been total silence.  I have been a user since Quicken DOS version 2, back in 1991 and then QuickBooks DOS version 1 when it arrived.  I guess that you could say that by now it is well and truly in my blood but that doesn't overcome my frustration with the pathetic lack of acknowledgement or response!
    At least with the community forum there is some staff input, but as you say, who actually knows whether any action is ever taken.  John L G
  • Rav
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    Hi Peter,

    We're definitely listening! :)

    I've switched this post to the "Idea" category as I can definitely recognise that this would be a very handy bit of functionality. 

    It's not something that is currently available in the sense that you've raised, however I'm more than happy to feed this back to our Development team for consideration.

  • John Graetz
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    Nice one Andrew.  A totally reasonable question.  I will await the response with great interest, but will not be holding my breath - well not yet anyhow :)  John L G
  • Spilly
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    After 20 years I have jumped ship to Quickbooks online, I didn't want to use an online platform, but the reasons are simple, Intuit add, improve and have a public feature request system that is based on demand. Cross Product integration is simple and Reckons track record in regards to development and software support simply doesn't cut it.
  • Kim Chapman_7818258
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    Hi Andrew, Tim and John

    I have had many bugs, features acknowledged and even implemented with Reckon.  Some of these were my own and some are a request of my clients.  It is a bit harder with Accounts than Reckon One, as it is a totally different product, so in fact from my experience I have found they do listen. 

    But I must say with Reckon One I regularly see my issues answered and fixed (sometimes very quickly), Reckon One is the equivalent of QBO ie. they are both Cloud Products, thus have a different structure to Reckon Accounts which is a Hosted Product and effectively the same as the Desktop version.

    As a tip, if you consult with your local Accredited Partner, they may be able to push for your issue, but you must realise that these are prioritised.  Another way of looking at it is was your issue important on a whole.  Perhaps there are more in demand issues being worked on that you are not aware of.

    Best of luck, I hope you are able to find a work around with your issues.

  • Spilly
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    Best of luck, I hope you are able to find a work around with your issues.
    Yep sounds like the Reckon way.

  • gazza73
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    Back to the forum question...  Credit Limit.


    Visible, yes,  enforceable .... manually....

    What can be done,  is to add the "Customer Credit Limit" as a data field onto

    -  Estimates
    -  Invoices

    This still leaves the situation of any outstanding balance of A/R  due from a delinquent paying customer.
    ie:  The 'next' estimate (quote) or invoice may be less than the limit in isolation,   but their overall outstanding balance PLUS the new estimate or invoice could exceed that.  And in that situation you'd be seeking a chat before offering the quote.  However, if the horse has bolted and you've performed the services/sold the product and now entering an additional invoice....  well, the business problem is being addressed too late.   So consider the next tip....

    To give that aspect some visibility,  is to regularly run a report called:
    - Customer Contact List  (but modify to add: Credit Limit), and sort it descending on credit limit.

       (this let's you very quickly see / compare the BALANCE versus the LIMIT.)

    Cheers   (tested/used on RA desktop 2015)

    Gary Pope
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    An Accredited Partner- Consultant (VIC. Aust)
    "Working with Accountants/Bookkeepers PPs/APs, as an
    independent IT Professional and retired FCPA Accountant"