Reckon Hosted: Where are the uploaded files?

Lee Carlsen_7814837
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As usual I'm cursing the day in 2006 I bought the Quick Books software package... now using Reckon Hosted.

I am trying to add an additional company file into our Q drive - with a different name than the original that is sitting there.

I have followed all instruction and uploaded the following

I cannot for the life of me find them in either the Q or B drive.  There is no sub folder to look in and all files there are older QBB or QBM files with different names and dates.

Does anybody know if I can
a. Have 2 QBW files in the Q drive and select either to open when logging in from Hosted
b. Where an uploaded file may be found

Thanks in advance for any guidance or assistance



  • Chris_7677427
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    I might be saying the same thing about buying Reckon hosted shortly...good luck!

  • John Graetz
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    Hi LeeC.  I might be asking the obvious, but have you registered these extra companies with Reckon or applied for them to go to Hosted?  John L G
  • Sara - Balancing Numbers
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    The answer to question a is definitely yes.  I've worked with a company that had 13 hosted files and I could see them all.  The initial teething problems were to do with SHARING the files, as opposed to uploading.  Possibly a good idea to check that you've followed the sharing instructions too?

  • Shannon Sciuto
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    I've uploaded multiple files and found them in either the B: (for backup files), the main Q: or a subfolder called Upload.  If it's not in either then my next guess would be that the file hasn't uploaded correctly.  Depending on the size of the file and your internet connection the time to upload can be between 5 minutes and 5 hours (I've had both). In any case, you should get an upload progress window appear which will confirm that its uploading correctly. 

    If you're uploading the file yourself as the Hosted Admin, there should be no sharing involved. 

    I hope this helps!! 
  • Shannon Sciuto
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    As an extra thought - how are you determining that the file has been uploaded?  If you're using the open a company file option it will only show .QBW files, if you're using the restore a backup option it will only show .QBB files.  

    Instead, use the download button to open the Q: drive and check if the upload was successful. 
  • Kim Chapman_7818258
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    Hi Lee

    I assume you have uploaded a backup either full backup *.qbb or portable *.qbm.  You will then have to restore the backup (selecting either QBB or qbm.  All uploads will be located at Q drive > Upload, you just have to use the correct sequence for the available backup.  At the point that you get to where is the company file to be stored.  If you do not have specific user issues for different file, then I find the best location is the same shared folder on the Q drive that your original file is stored.  If you have user issues, then save the file directly to Q drive then share the file with the relevant users.

    Hope this helps.

    Kind regards

    Kim Chapman

  • Lee Carlsen_7814837
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    Thanks for all your comments guys - much appreciated.  I've had some success this week.

    I had uploaded 3 file types - QBB QBM QBW - I have been able to find one - the QBM file - located in the B drive.

    it may have been a upload time issue as stated by Shannon.

    I have now restored this file and there is the associated new QBW file located on the Q drive.

    I therefore believe that I've acheived what I set out to do... now to get started on that file!

  • Lee Carlsen_7814837
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    Thanks John - it is basically a copy of the existing company file - that we want to work on separately without risk of damaging the live hosted company file.  Having been using Reckon Hosted since it became available a couple of years ago.