Melissa Elstone
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Currently using Reckon Accounts Hosted and have only been an MYOB user until 3 months ago when I changed jobs. So having never used Reckon before I am a little lost. Can anyone help me with a report for Transfer Funds? I need to have a look at where they did transfers from for the past 12 months. I am beyond frustrated at the moment.


  • Shannon Sciuto
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    Hi Melissa, 

    Welcome to Reckon :) Hopefully you'll find that Reckon's reporting functionality is light years beyond MYOB. 

    It sounds like you are trying to generate a report that shows only transactions that were processed using the transfer funds function (Banking > transfer funds) 

    You can pull up a transaction list report and filter only transfers. 

    Reports > Accountant > Transaction List by Date. 

    Click Modify then Filters tab

    Select Transaction Type from the column on the left then in the new field that appears, use the drop down box to choose "Transfer" 

    Click OK. 

    Update the report for the date range you are looking for. 

    The account column will be the From Account. 
    The split column will be the To Account. 

    I hope this helps :)

    Shannon Sciuto
    Cinch Administration.