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We need set to up alerts in purchase orders, as we have no way of knowing if a purchase order has turned up or not....until it does! We need an alert to be given a specific arrival date for the items ordered. So many times we discover something hasn't turned up, when we thought it should have. VERY frustrating. We asked for this feature years ago. Yet to be implemented


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    I tend to adopt this approach to have ALERTS.
    a)  I have a memorised report of:  "OPEN PURCHASE ORDERS"  (standard report)
    b)  I sort that by the DUE DELIVER DATE
    c)  I only show those ORDERS that have 'NOT BEEN RECEIVED" 
         (when I get Supplier Bills, I offset orders, thus reducing those from the report)
    d)  I run this memorised report as part of my daily or weekly FOLLOWUP group of reports that need chasing down,  AHEAD of the game.
    e) When I contact suppliers that are running late, I amend the DUE dates.
       and therefore they become part of the next cycle to be concerned with.

    Forecasting, project Management, predictions analysis and cashflow projections - that's the game I'm in, and many of these functions are possible with the dektop and hosted range of products (for many years now).


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    Thank you. It's a good work around. I still look forward to the option of alerts within the purchase orders. I spoke to a software developer who said it would be easy to implement and was stunned it wasn't already available. We will setup a memorised report as you suggested. We very much appreciate your time and suggestion.
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