Trying to correct annual leave balances for full time employee

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I have an employee who started on Monday 31st August.

We pay fortnightly. Our first pay run was on Thursday 3rd September for the previous fortnight.

As he only worked 38 hours, I initially set him up with 1.46 for sick leave accruals and 2.92 for annual leave accruals, intending to change it for the following pay run.

But I forgot, and now his leave balance is incorrect.

I thought I could simply change the "Hours accrued per pay" in the leave details tab, but now they're slightly over what they should be, because of that first week where he only worked 38 as opposed to 76 hours.

Help! How do I get the leave balance showing correctly??

Sick leave should be 13.14; it's showing 14.60
Annual leave should be 26.28, it's showing 29.20