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Ruth Holmes
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Hi all.  I'm hoping one of you can point me in the right direction for a fix to my problem.

Firstly.  When we "Receive Inventory Without Bill" it is showing up on the A/P Reports even though we have yet to receive a bill. It makes it difficult to match up with statements when they are slow to get their bills to us.   
And more problematic, it is also in the tax reports.  The ATO specifically state that tax credits are not to be applied until an invoice is received. 

Secondly, when applying bills against items received "Enter Bills for Received Items" it is only the Ref No. column that is displaying to select from.  Most suppliers use the purchase order as their reference, seems a double up to having to retype the purchase order in here, and as the purchase order can be sent in 2 separate shipments you can't put in the same purchase order number.  It would be so much better maybe to show more details in this box to select which item receipts you are choosing.  Thoughts?


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    Hi Ruth,
    I just happened to see your post.
    Are you using Quick Book Purchasing to record and execute your purchase orders? If you are, you can record the item receipt against the particular PO which was recorded in the QB at an earlier time. 
    Yes some time the suppliers are taking some extra time to send the official invoice. Some time the invoice date fall in to the next month as well, which makes the tings little more complicated. 

    I am doing a short cut to overcome such situation by entering the DO as the bill and once the bill is received, I recall the subjected DO and change the reference number to the actual bill number. You may type your respective PO number on the memo field for more easier identification.
  • John G
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    Hi Ruth,

    Thanks for your question.

    Yes, the A/P and Supplier Reports will show you all transactions for them.  If you want to focus on particular transaction types then you can filter the report for what you want (eg Bills, Unpaid) and memorize it for future reference.  

    When you convert a Purchase Order to Items Received, the purchase order number will appear in the form's table.  If your Items are received in more than one shipment, then you can adjust the quantity for this shipment, the outstanding quantity on the PO will change for it, and subsequent shipments when entered will continue to show the same PO number.  The Ref No on the top slip can be used for any Suppliers' reference numbers.  

    Reckon Accounts Tax Reports will not show the Items Received transaction type.  Only when the Bill is entered will they appear on Accrual-based Tax Reports, and only when the Bill is paid on Cash-based Tax Reports.  

    Hope this helps.