Can't log in - Black Screen (again)

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Hi. I'm having trouble logging in this morning (NZ), I got in earlier but I couldn't upload files and the system was slow and laggy so I logged out and tried again. Now when I get in I'm getting the black screen. I've logged off remote sessions, tried disconnecting and reconnecting, closed the brower and started again, all of those things but still only get the black screen. I hope someone can help as it's month end! Thanks.


  • Rebecca HillRebecca Hill Member Posts: 8
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    I'm in, it's slow, but I'm in.  Just had to keep disconnecting and reconnecting since 8.30am.
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    Good morning Rebecca,
    I'm really sorry to hear you've had some problems with Accounts Hosted this morning.

    I haven't received word of any wider issues this morning however if the performance issues you're experiencing continue please give us a call and we can take a closer look.

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