Payroll Premier up to and including 2015/2016 ongoing issues.

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For quite some time now I have had problems with Payroll Premier crashing...hanging....not responding. I have ruled out any issue with my computer, having tested the file on another. It has to be the program or my data file. I have rebuilt my data file numberous times. I have restored from backups so many times in the past that I have lost track. I have uninstalled and reinstalled. I have deleted the QCompany.tps file many times also. I have spoken to tech suppport and reported the problems I have with the program also many times. I am at an absolute standstill after once again sitting here for over an hour and a half waiting for the program to export my super data file. And the problems do not limit themselves to super.....the file loves to crash when I am at any stage through a Payroll run. My last option is to dump the program and go elsewhere. Oh, and my data file is not too big in case you are wondering. I have archived older data. So, if anyone out there has had a similar situation...and I have no doubt there are.....I would appreciate any advice on how to fix the terribly long and frustrating problem before I throw the computer out of the window. Thank you.


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    Hi there Lorraine,

    Sorry to hear you've had such a rough experience with Payroll lately.

    When did these issues first begin? On your test on an alternate PC, was the operating system/environment the same as your regular PC?

    You've outlined the troubleshooting you've already conducted which is great, I'm curious as to what our technical support team have suggested to try already also?

    Let me know


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  • Lorraine_7968049
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    Thanks for your reply Rav. Not sure when it all began. I have been using Payroll forever...well, possibly 10 years or so.

    Test PC was newer than mine, I'm Windows 7 still, other is Windows 8.1.

    Reckon technical support are suggesting I either create a whole new data file via manual entry, or having my data file repaired. I have opted for the latter at this stage and just waiting for a reply. I don't think I could bear another payroll run. It took me six goes on two computers to process it yesterday. Plus nearly two days to get a correct super data export.

    I have also had my computer thoroughly checked over by our companies IT support and it has been given the thumbs up.

    I did contact Reckon tech support again after my post on here as I am 'over it'.

    Appreciate any other thoughts......

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    Hi Lorraine,
    Unfortunately I don't have any bright solutions for you, but I still wanted to let you know I feel your pain! We've had problems for as long as I can remember (this is my 7th year) and in that time I have tried rebuilding data, restoring from backups, getting a new computer and nothing has changed. I even went ahead with tech support suggestion of starting a new data file and manually setting everyone up again, and still have the same problem with the brand new file. The program has been very glitchy since day one and it's so hard to get help from technical support because the issues aren't always replicable, and when they are there's no reason for it to have not worked properly in the first place so they don't have many suggestions. I'll keep following this post in the hope someone can help, but come end of financial year I think we will be looking at alternative program options.
    Best of luck!
  • Lorraine_7968049
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    Thanks for your comment Nicola. It's nice to know that I am not alone in tackling this program. Here's an update on what I have found so far. Briefly.
    I sent my file off to the data recovery team. Apart from things running a little slowly, they couldn't find a problem with my file or replicate my problems. My IT guys suggested we try different computer, different user profiles.....did.....same problem. Our final attempt was to install the program on an old XP computer. OMG, worked like a dream! No errors, no crashing, no waiting hours for things to happen. No typing password in and waiting an ages for it to work and eventually wondering if you had typed it in after all......So, for two weeks and two pay runs, I have managed to process the pays. No stress at all, just worked as it is supposed to. Assuming this good fortune continues I will be permanently setting up an old XP computer next to mine, for the weekly pay run, until a better option/program is found. Keep your fingers crossed for me!
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    Hi Lorraine, are you able to give an update on how this setup worked for you in the end? We have had the exact issues mentioned for over 10 years also. Thanks in advance
  • Lorraine_7968049
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    Hi Dave, I worked with this XP setup for about six months, but the newer payslip files wouldn't email from the XP computer so I was back and forth between the two which wasn't great. I ended up ditching Payroll Premier and now have MYOB Exo Employer Services which works quite nicely with our MYOB Exonet Business program. I used to dread the end of year upgrade too.......this is now not an issue at all with the new program. Good luck to you. I remember the pain!!!