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Hi, I am using Accounts Premier -Contractor Edition 2015.   I have a problem with some previous reconciled months. When reconciling December, I noticed some previous months had been un reconciled. These months are actually in between months that are still reconciled, so I don't think I have accidentally pressed the 'unreconcile previous' button. To fix the problem, will the months reconciled going back to the un reconciled months need to be un reconciled or is there a simpler way to fix this problem?


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    Let me be clear on your question, before you consider my suggestion.

    a)  you have some older months (let me guess and say JUN, JUL,AUG,SEP,OCT  that are still accurately and correctly reconciled
    b)  suddenly OCT appears to be UN-reconciled (or entries for this 'mddile period' seem to be unchecked.
    c)  but NOV is still properly reconciled
    d)  you discovered all this whilst attempting to do the DEC reconciliation.

    This is only an EXAMPLE< and not necessarily your exact situation, but I'll explain a phenomenon using the above example of a troublesome OCT.

    First,  is the end balance in the RECKON books, in the BANK REGISTER for NOV, a proper end figure matching the bank statement (adjusted for unpresented cheques and missing items?).   IE:  do you feel that NOV is still OK,  but you simply face the curiosity as to why some troublesome OCT transactions have reappeeared during your DEC reconciliation?

    If the above scenario is what you have,  then the most likely situation is, that some OCT transactions have been BUMPED (ie: the CLEAR button has been accidentlayy touched during a playaround in the REGISTER,  **OR**,  some OCT transacton (for the Bank) was deleted and re-entered,  for reasons like correcting the way a description or CoA reference was previously incorrectly posted,  thereby giving birth to what now appears as a FRESH OCT transaction, and hence why it appears UN-reconciled.

    If by chance, that is all the issue you have, then it would be safe to simply tick the item off in the REGISTER like the original OCT transaction would have appeared.

    If none of this 'exactly' relates to your query, then please IGNORE this answer.
    The point is to check if  more recent months AFTER the "MIDDLE MONTH(s)" still appear correct.


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    Hi Gary,

    Thank you so much for your time and reply it is greatly appreciated. 

    What you are saying is accurate however the months that have appeared to be UN-reconciled are Feb 15, Jan 15, Dec 14, Nov 14 and Oct 14, with the following months remaining reconciled;
    July14, Aug14, Sep 14, Mar, April, may, June, July, Aug, Sep, Oct 15.

    The ending balance does not match the bank statement.

    We will check the months and make sure they all line up to see if we can tick off the transactions.

    Many thanks again.