How can I tell what version a company file was running on

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    Debbie  - excellent question, and one that comes up a lot when clients send their files to their Accountants, and fail to advice their ENVIRONMENT (ie: the version of their accounting PRODUCT, its RELEASE YEAR/date, and its service/update/patch level).  IE:  you're trying to determine if the QBW file is say  Reckon Accounts PLUS 2013 R2P  or say: Reckon Accounts PREMIER 2014 R1  and so forth.

    a)  The original user of the file, in production needs to fire it up and issue a CTL + 1  keyboard command.  That will disclose the current version  and name of the DATA FILE in question.

    b)  BUT if you are asking this about an old backup copy of your OWN data, and have totally forgotten what product you used it on, in the past,  I beleive you need to subject it to a TEST ENVIRONMENT (ie: a spare folder where you can play around with the file).   Go through the process of upgrading it to the latest version of the software (even if that means fetching a trial version of the latest to do so).  Then issue the CTL + 1 command and you'll see in the centre section, an entire chronological history of the versions through which that file has passed.  


    To avoid this issue, liaison and naming conventions is the trick to this.  I always store my data files with a name representing the client/customer name of the entity, coupled with a year that represents the SOFTWARE being used (not the range of transaction dates inside!)

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