Outstanding Long Service Leave on Termination

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We use Premier Payroll 2015/16. Upon termination of an employee who has resigned  there are figures in the Accrued before 16/8/78, Accrued after 15/8/78 and Accrued after 17/8/93 under the outstanding Long Service Leave. The Employee started in 2002. We don't think this is correct and there should only be a figure in the Accrued after 17/8/93. Can someone advise if this is correct and if so why does the software break it up? Thanks


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    Hello Sarah,

     Thank you for your post!

    Basically with this, system automatically picks up from the database which is expected to be correct unless there are some issues with the file. But if you do not agree with the figures, you can change it there. You could also test with another employee with similar setting and see what it comes up with.

    If you would like to further check with us, I recommend you to contact on our technical support line on 1300137657 as for this we will need to replicate the scenario.



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    Thank you Babi