Printer Problems with Windows 10

Rosemary Wall
Rosemary Wall Member Posts: 12
edited October 2018 in Reckon Accounts (Desktop)
I note that many are attacking Reckon about problems that are occurring with the printer functions since the upgrade to Windows 10. I too had printer problems when I upgraded to Windows 10 and received the Error message 20 Printer not activated but bottom line is that Microsoft created this problem not Reckon - that problem was overcome several months ago thanks to this idea sharing forum but guess what....Windows just released an update and made it WORSE so that now we have Printer Error 30 happening when we try to reconcile accounts so brace yourselves for another round of problems and I might point out that if Reckon had released a patch to fix the Error 20 it would have been a waste of time and energy because Windows has just undone all previous fixes. I have 3 printers at work and after the Windows update last Friday their commands were mixed up somehow because the barcode printer commands went to the Fax machine and the Laser printer just did not work! Took me 2 days to sort it out.
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