Printer problems when reconciling

Barry Roper
Barry Roper Member Posts: 2
Recently it appears my printer drivers have changed as after reconciling my Bank Accounts, I get an error message "Printer not Active - Error Code -20) I continue and then get " Cannot print to printer" Its quite annoying. I am reinstalled my Reckon Accounts Premier Accounting and this wont the problem. Is there a way I can e-install the correct Reckon Printer drivers>> Barry Roper


  • Robert Hennig
    Robert Hennig Member Posts: 5
    edited February 2016
    What OS are you using? What type of connection to the printer/ (usb, wired network or wireless)

    First step: Open Printers tab and make sure you can print a test page
    Second Step: Set the printer as the DEFAULT printer
    Third Step: Print another simple report from Reckon e.g. Debtors List
    Fourth Step: If all the above are okay try the report again

    If it works you are fine

    If it fails then make sure you have no graphics in the report and try again. If you have a second printer try making that the default and try again.

    Also you can try sending it to a PDF or File printer - if that works you know it is a printer only issue.

    The error looks like connectivity issue rather than a Reckon issue but without knowing the OS and connection type it is hard to give you sound advice.