General Journal Import in QuickBooks Premier Edition 2015

Lauren Kate
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I am after General Journal Import function for QuickBooks Premier Edition 2015.

I want to avoid manual general journal entries and looking for a function to import general journals from an iif file. Could you please advise if the function is already available in the edition I am using?

We have recently starting using a third party payroll system and need to import the journal entries. We currently have a iif file but when importing i get the below prompt;

'General Journal Entries do not affect payroll liabilities. To adjust your liabilities go to the employees menu, choose adjust payroll liabilities. Do you still wish to save this General Journal Entry?'

When selecting 'Yes' the box reappears with the same question and wont allow me to go any further. Please help!

Thank you in advance.


  • John Graetz
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    Hi Lauren.  This might be either a partial or a full solution.  I have encountered similar messages when I am recording say a direct debit which relates to a Payroll Liability item which happens when I use the cheque function rather than the Pay Payroll Liabilities function.  When presented with this message at that time, there has also been another option available - "cancel".  I have selected this and this allows the transaction to proceed.  Are you also having the "cancel" option available as well as the "yes" option?.  Now I don't know if what I am doing also works with Journals, but it is an option which could solve your problem.  Normally "cancel" means stop, but in the instance that I describe, cancel means "forget about yes and keep going".  Worth a look and try.  John L G