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I have Reckon Accounts Premier. I receive credit notes to apply against an invoice where an item has been returned to the supplier. I am confused about the process. No money is paid back to my business, just that the next statement is adjusted for the credit outstanding to the supplier. If I select the bill, open it and click credit the bill dissappears and the credit appears in the Suppliers list of invoices and payments. I think this is mucking up the balance for that supplier as it is yielding a large negative after many months of this process. Is this the wrong process? BTW Reckon Help is beatifully written but its a nightmare to find what your looking for and have to google to get the answers I need. Unfortunately not on this occasion. Please advise.


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    I suspect you are 'changing' an existing 'Bill" into a "credit" - hence the behaviour you observe.  The original Bill (supplier invoice) stays in the system.  What is needed, is the fresh new entry of the Supplier's Credit Note to you.  That is a new entry, which you enter in the "enter Bill",  but because it is a credit note, you click the 'credit' bullet.    
    Now there are two discrete transactions in the system.  The old invoice (bullet: bill) and the new credit note (Bullet: credit).  They offset each other,  and in the event that you never paid the original Bill,  then the statement would see them knocking each other out, and no  funds need changing hands.

    Hope that clarifies the matter for you.


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    Thanks for your prompt response. Yes I think you have confirmed my suspicion. I will check this through and sit back and work through a long list of corrections going back a ways!

    Good to know how to do these things. Not being trained in this area makes it a bit challenging for the small business owner. Things you have to know to be in business!