re-installed computer, now Reckon accounts pro 2014 will not email anything through microsoft office

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I have been using Reckon accounts pro 2014 on windows 7 with outlook for a while. Even after I upgraded to windows 10 (only I had to open as administrator thereafter). However my computer had an error and forced me to format my computer back to windows 7 ultimate 64bit

Since then my reckon is unable to email anything.

I have tried just about everything the online answers state i.e reassign port to printer, remove QLB from program files, change registry settings, etc etc

please any information will be greatly useful!!!!! The following are the errors I am receiving:






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    First, be aware.
    There are known compatibility issues with Reckon, Windows 10 and Outlook 2016.
    Search in this forum for "Office 2016" and "Windows 10" for more info

    Supposed to be fixed with Reckon 2016 products due later this year ( May ? )

    Try a repair of Office 2016:
    In Programs and Features, select Microsoft Office
    Then at top of window select "Change"
    You should get option to "Quick Repair" or "Online Repair"
    Try Quick Repair first
    Then if still issues, Do Online Repair
    After each repair, reboot the computer before testing
    It might not tell you to reboot, but you should

    If still no good, completely un-install Office
    Un-install via Control Panel
    Then go here:
    Scroll down to "Completely remove Office"
    Click the "Download" link and follow on-screen instructions to remove Office

    Reboot and Re-Install MS Office

    Then set up your email account in Outlook, make sure email works correctly, BEFORE testing Reckon