Customer History - issuing refunds

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Hi, Can anyone tell me why this happens
sometimes after issuing a refund I am left with odd amounts that make it look as though the correct amount has not been issued.  Other times it is ok.

I'm finding this quite frustrating and would much prefer to have $0.00 for the balance as $0.00 is the correct balance.


  • Annette_8052353
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    Try this,
    Go into Customer Payments
    (Do not type anything in the amount line)
    Click on the amount showing in the bottom box that you know you have processed a credit for.
    An error message will come up saying you cannot allocate more than you have paid.
    Agree to that and close the message
    Now click on "credits" on the bottom of the page about half way along.
    This will bring up all the credits you have made to the account that have not yet been offset.
    Click on the one that relates to the first invoice that you highlighted.
    This should bring your outstanding balance for that invoice to $0