Some Customers Custom Pricing not visible in Item Price List modify report section?

Karl Ankers
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I'm using Premier Manufacturing / Wholesale 2015 - I have set up a number of customers with 'Custom Pricing' in 'Price Level Lists'. When running 'reports', 'list', ''item price list', 'modify report', 'columns' some customers (8 from 21) are not visible or available to 'tick'? Any help would be much appreciated!


  • gazza73
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    Karl.  Just clarify those steps to prepare the 'report'.    I feel there is a step missing there, as to which report is run before you click 'modify' (of that report).   But my thinking is that there are some of the customers  (the 8 missing out of the 21,  I assume).  that may be inactive or have some setting that has left them out of the consideration of being eligible to enjoy 'custom pricing'..... or along those lines of logic

  • Karl Ankers
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    Hi Gary,

    All customers as far as I can see are active and I cant see exactly what is differentiating the 8 from the 13, I have checked the customer details and the Price Level List details.

    Report steps are as follows;

    1. Reports
    2. List
    3. Item Price List
    4. Modify Report
    5. Under the Display tab / Columns - there are a number of customers that can be Ticked (13), with others (8) missing

    Thanks, Karl