Supplier Adjustment note allocating to bank transaction and SLOW performance

Kylie Roth
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I have got a supplier refund in the bank transactions - I cannot post this against the supplier (as it wants to apply to a customer) so I have created an adjustment note but cannot work out how to apply the bank transaction (which has come in via bank feed) to this.

I am new to Reckon One - long time user of Accounts, finding it terribly slow and a bit clunky to use. 

It is taking 20 seconds to "reconcile" a transaction that has been matched up via the memorisation.


  • Qwerty
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    Hi Kylie,

    See if this helps.

    1. I have entered a supplier adjustment note which is currently open (i.e. no linked transactions)


    2. I have a "money in" transaction in my bank feed
    3. For this bank feed transaction, select Allocate receipt then Allocate detailed receipt


    4. In the receipt, choose the applicable contact (supplier)
    5. Select the Allocate tab
    6. Here you will see the open adjustment note
    7. Specify the relevant "money in" amount in the How much to allocate column & click Save


    8. The bank feed transaction now shows in the Allocated tab as being reconciled


    9. The supplier adjustment note is now finalised