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I have paid our salary employees for annual leave over the Christmas Break.  Some of our staff worked over the break, and now I need to reverse their annual leave for the hours worked.  How do I process these transactions?


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    Hi Kim

    You will need to "Unlock Net Pay" for each relevant employee's Pay & split the applicable hours between "Holiday Salary" (for Annual Leave hours) & "Salary" (for standard worked hours).

    Depending on which State you're in, there were up to 4 Public Holidays in late Dec 2015-early Jan 2016.  You should check your applicable industry & State/Federal Awards for clarification, but commonly, any of these that fell on an employee's usual work day would be (if not worked) treated as a standard work day & not as Annual Leave.  However, if the employee worked on any of the Public Holidays, penalty rates may be applicable.

    You've not mentioned if Leave Loading was also paid but this may also be applicable, so again check your relevant Awards.   

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