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    I agree but Reckon isn't even interested in bug reports let alone feature requests.
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    I need to add Gold and Silver or Precious Metals to the Asset Classes?  They are not even listed in any form and I can only select "Other". Having recently sold all my stocks, I need to be able to see how much of these commodities (or even add other commodities like Oil or Pork Bellies for that matter) in a graph or percentage form to keep a track on them individually. 
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    Hi Shane

    This list is a fixed list, but you can use the Security Type List and Investing Goals List as alternative ways to track your assets by a different view.  These can be set up from the Investing Menu.  The investing goal is entered against the stock via the "other info" button.

    In Portfolio, you can then view you assets by either using the "Group By" dropdown at top right.

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    Thanks Graham, I had already added Gold and Silver to the Security Type list. This will help for sure. If the Asset Class list could be added to or modified this would be better since Gold and Silver etc. don't sit easily in the Type list. There should be a Commodity Type, and then Gold, Silver or other commodities should be able to be added in the Asset Class list.

    I realise there are a thousand wishes for the software, and not all can be worked on, but it seems to me that for the annual money we pay, we get very little improvement, especially in the investment side of Personal Plus. 

    Anyway, thanks for your help.  
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    I second this. I recently bought 2019 to help track my share portfolio. Not even being able to put in different classes of shares like 'emerging markets' etc is pretty disappointing if you market the product to be able to help with such investments.
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