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When creating an Invoice template, how do i make the Amt + Tax Amt = Total Inc GST instead of Exc Gst?


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    Hi.  There is no setting on the invoice template.  Rather, the way in which tax is treated relates to other factors.  If I am reading you correctly, I answered a similar question earlier today.  Here is part of the answer:
    The answer is in a knowledgebase article in the members' area of Reckon.  Here is the reference for you:
    Essentially, what you need to do is to go to Edit> Preferences> Tax> Company Preferences. About half way down this page you will find a section for Sales Figures.  You will probably find that you have Net selected.  Change this to Gross and voila, your problem should be solved.  I have just tested it myself.  Previously my create invoices window had amounts include tax unticked.  Now it is ticked!! 
    My belief is that you are probably talking about this particular problem.  If not, please provide some more information as to specifically what you are wanting to happen.  John L G
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    Thanks John!!