Recon Business Range 2016 - download exe file fails every time

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I am running Windows 7 - downloading with google chrome

I have logged into members area, clicked the link to Reckon 2016 business range (I run enterprise) and downloaded the file...

The download fails in the last 1sec of the down load with a message "failed - system busy".

I have tried 'save as' again without success.

This has happened 6 times, I have tried different days, different hours of the day including late at night, and now on a saturday, all without success.

This is not a false message either, the download cannot be found in my download file


  • Anton Strauss
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    empty the Temp folder in Appdata/users/username/local and then try the download again

    are you using a download manager? or basic Win7 download?
  • John G
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    Hi Kim,

    If you google the error you'll find a number of posts about it and steps to try on chrome to fix it.

    Why not try another browser - Firefox, Internet Explorer?