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Yang Qiyuan
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When I set up a new supplier, I choose" S" in the "tax code" tab. The opening balance increase accordingly. This is not what I want. I want to make the "tax code" blank, so that the opening balance of this supplier does not change.


  • Shannon Sciuto
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    Hi Yang,  

    Could you please include a screenshot  of the window you're referring to? I'm a little confused.

     Normally in the New Supplier/edit screen when you enter a tax code this would be the default tax code used for transactions to this supplier and shouldn't affect your opening balances (and I'm pretty sure there's not an 'S' tax code unless this has been setup by your business - but even then it shouldn't affect your opening balances). 
  • Yang Qiyuan
    Yang Qiyuan Member Posts: 2
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    Hi Shannon,

    Thank you for your reply!!

    I solved the problem!!