My Templates have corrupted when I upgrade Reckon Accounts (eg. Older Desktop version to Accounts Ho

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Hi Jason, Now I have issues with columns and font and text positioning the list goes on.
It would be very long winded to describe what is happening. So I downloaded jing so I can show you.

Please see my screen capture video

I will start a new thread on this just thought you might be interested Note: This conversation was created from a reply on: ITEM LIST COLUMNS KEEPS CHANGING WIDTH!!!.


  • Jason Hollis
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    Looks a corrupted template which can happen if upgrading from an older version. 

    Try this:
    1. Open the desktop version
    2. Go to Lists > Templates
    3. (open and ensure the specific template it is functioning as expected)
    4. Highlight your template in the list
    5. Right click and select Export
    6. Save the *.DES file to your desktop
    7. Log in to Accounts Hosted
    8. Go to Lists > Templates
    9. Highlight your template in the list
    10. Go to Edit Delete Template
    11. Upload your DES file from your desktop into the Hosted environment (it will default to Q:\Uploads)
    12. Go to Lists > Templates
    13. From the templates window, go to Templates Import
    14. Navigate to Q:\Uploads and import the DES
    15. Check the template
    If still corrupt, email your DES file that you exported to [email protected], mention this thread and I will have the guys pass it to me and I will try and fix it for you, or I will rebuild it.