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Working with projects (classes) is great, but there is no way to report on the ins and outs of the project. In desktop versions I've run profit & loss reports selecting only the project (class) that I wanted to report on.


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    Hi Stuart,

    There has been some previous chatter on this community relating to both projects & classes for Reckon One.

    To recap some of the information discussed...
    The projects module/feature in Reckon One isn't intended to be a class tracking feature. Class tracking functionality will be added to Reckon One in a future update (no date yet announced).

    Reckon One does allow you to run the P&L report for selected projects.
    1. Open the P&L report
    2. Click the option Show more options
    3. There is a projects option available. By default it's set to show all projects. set this option to Selected & then select the project(s) that you want to report on
    4. Once you have configured the report settings, click the Refresh option to apply your changes to the report
  • Stuart WrightStuart Wright Member Posts: 28
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    Thank you Qwerty, I knew there would be a simple fix, I just wasn't looking in the right spot :)
  • Rainbow Neighbourhood HouseRainbow Neighbourhood House Member Posts: 4
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    How do I get the wages to show up under a P&L report using projects???

  • HutchHutch Member Posts: 10
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    I can't see all the projects I have running at the moment, so I can't runt a report for a specific project. I can only see 2 of the 6 projects.  Any ideas?
  • accountsaccounts Member Posts: 30
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    I am wondering the same thing too, if i have allocated the hours against the project?

  • Studio Twelve ArchitectureStudio Twelve Architecture Member Posts: 2
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    I also have the same question.... Any advice?
  • accountsaccounts Member Posts: 30
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    After much fiddling and finding no one able to help me, I found that to show wages in the P&L for a project, you had to allocate the project for each employee when setting up their employee details in pay set up and/or when doing the pay run,  otherwise you can leave the project blank in the employee setup and add different ones each payrun. I was not sure how to allocate concurrent projects for one employee, but a workaround seemed to be to add another rate line (still kept as 'ordinary') and add the next project and this seemed to work without any issues elsewhere (this is only when the rate is the same for both projects). The salary & wages amount shows up in the project P&L with the total, and the wages expense account shows, but it is without a figure, so only the gross wages are included, not the super. I can not find any way to modify the P&L to include this, but thought it should surely be part of the expenses costing? Does anyone know how this can be done?
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    I have also found that superannuation is left out of the P&L report for a project even though it is included in the P&L report for all projects. The same thing happens for PayPal fees when payments are made using PayPal for emailed invoices and processed automatically by Reckon One - fees are missing from P&L report. There is no way of allocating these expenses to projects after Reckon has recorded them automatically.

    These are major bugs in the Projects module in my opinion.

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    Totally agree!
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