Cloud Connectivity Issue - 5 June 2016 - RESOLVED



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    Hi everyone,

    I just wanted to give you a final update regarding the issue which impacted access to Reckon Accounts Hosted and Reckon One on Sunday evening. The cause originated from a widespread issue with our infrastructure vendor Amazon Web Services (AWS) and affected a number of service providers across Australia.

    Our IT team worked closely with AWS to ascertain the issue and establish regular updates along with eliminating the risk of any data loss for our users. Reckon One was back online at approximately 7pm and the majority of Accounts Hosted services were back in operation at approximately 7:45pm. A small number of users regained access just after 11pm Sunday night with some further remedial work being completed early this morning to ensure all user files were intact and up to date.

    Full access to Reckon One and Reckon Accounts Hosted is available and if you do have any issues please let us know.

    Thank you all for your patience during this time and we sincerely apologise for the frustration caused.

  • CathCath Member Posts: 6
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    Massive kudos on the courteous, prompt and understanding manner in which Reckon has dealt with concerns, and on the helpful updates (and reassuring) along the way - thank you!
  • Ed BradburyEd Bradbury Member Posts: 7
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    I agree. It gives great confidence in Reckon Hosted and the personal communications were very comforting at a time when lack of information would have caused a lot of distress.
    Thanks and keep up the good work.

  • Dick EdwardsDick Edwards Member Posts: 6
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    AWS's web site explains that the 'outage' was caused by the wild storm Sydney experienced at the time. No mention of any back up systems in use!
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