How do i get my invoice emails to say they are from me and not [email protected]?

Jason JT ThurleyJason JT Thurley Member Posts: 6
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when i send an invoice to a customer it says that it comes from [email protected]

How do i change it to say that its from me or my business?


  • A Balancing ActA Balancing Act Member Posts: 99
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    Hi Jason.  Unfortunately that is not possible, however there are work-arounds.  
    1) You could (via Edit / Preferences) change the default Subject Line on your invoicing emails
    2) You could send all invoices to yourself, then forward to your customer
    3)  You could (and possibly should) have yourself as a cc to all emails that go out of Hosted, and set up a folder in your email program to keep copies. This is the only way to keep a record of sent emails.

    Hope this helps.
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    Hi Jason,

    There is a bit more info regarding this aspect of Reckon Accounts Hosted here -

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    This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled How can I get MY email address on all outgoing forms? Client gets a "message to a.... How to get MY email address on all outgoing forms? 
  • Cameron FowlesCameron Fowles Member Posts: 5
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    I've asked Reckon this directly as Hosted is unusable compared to Enterprise for this and other reasons. The abrupt response I received from Reckon was...

    1)      All emails arrive from [email protected]  -  This has been there all the time and I am assuming that you should have noticed this when you are trialing reckon accounts hosted. We have been looking at modifying to adjust the way user wants but we don’t have any ETA yet .


    This is why we're switching back to locally hosted Enterprise instead of the slow and painful Hosted. In the not too distant future we'll be moving to a better finance package (it's not hard to find one better than Reckon Accounts).

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